Ashrama conducts two Higher Secondary Schools, one Matriculation School, one primary school, and a Hostel. All the schools are located in different campuses within a radius of one kilometer from the Ashrama.

Established On
RamaKrishna Mission Matriculation Hr.Sec. School
Ramakrishna Mission Higher Secondary School (Main)
Ramakrishna Mission Higher Secondary School (south)
RKM Tamil Medium Nursary and Primary School
LKG to V

       **Guidelines for Admission

Ramakrishna Mission Matriculation Higher Secondary School
71 Bazullah Road, T.Nagar, Chennai 600017
Phone: 2814 0452

      Started on 10th May 1977 as an English Medium School from LKG to 5th standard at 14 Griffith Road, the School was upgraded into Matriculation School with standards up to 10th Standard and shifted to this present building at 31 Bazulla Road. On 1st June 2006 it was upgraded to Higher Secondary School.The strength of the School is about 880. The school has an excellent infrastructure with 48 classrooms in four bloscks. It has well-equipped modern laboratories for Physics, Chemistry, Botany, Zoology and Computer Science. There are highly qualified, talented nad dedicated teachers. The School is endeavouring to inculcate the ‘Man-making’ ideas of Swami Vivekananda. It has a blend of both ancient and modern Education.
      The children are taught of our hoary heritage as part of moral and spiritual education. Computer education is imparted from 3rd onwards. The computers also are used as a teaching aid.A number of extra-curricular activities are also conducted to stimulate the latent potentialities of the young minds through games & sports, literary and other activities. The School has got a well-equipped Band-set, which has earned a good name within a short period. Thus, the children can have an all-round development and become useful citizens of the world. Students of the Matriculation School are fondly remembered for their excellent band performance. Entrance test is conducted for admission and successful candidates are given admission on the basis of performance in the entrance test.

      Subjects for Entrance Examination: Science, Mathematics and General English

      Groups offerred for Clall XI (+1)

      Part 1: Tamil/HIndi/Sanskrit
      Part 2:
      Part 3: Group I:
i. Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Computer Science
                                 ii.Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology

                 Group II:
i. Accountancy, Commerce, Economics, Computer Science
                                 ii. Accountancy, Commerce, Economics, Business Mathematics

        * Part 1 & 2 are compulsory


Ramakrishna Mission Higher Secondary School (Main)

     Started on 13 June 1932, the School has classes from the 6th standard to the 12th standard in Tamil, Telugu and English Mediums having Tamil, Telugu and Hindi as the 2nd Language. In the Higher Secondary sections it offers Arts, Science and Vocational courses. Computer is also taught with the help of a well-equipped Computer Lab. NCC, NSS and Scout troops are part of the extra-curricular activities. A number of Merit Scholarships and prizes are given to the students. There were 1130 students on roll in the Academic year (1998-99). 73 Government-Aided staff and 10 management staff are working. The library attached to the school has 15000 books and gets 4 newspapers.Every year, students participate in various cultural programmes during the School Day Celebrations.

     Courses of Study offered in the school
     Part 1 Tamil
     Part 2 English
     Part 3 Englsih Medium
                     Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Computer Science.
                     Accountacy, Commerce, Economics, Business Mathematics/Computer Science.
                     Vocational Courses: Accountancy and Auditing.
               Tamil Medium.
                     Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology.
                     Accountacy, Commerce, Economics, History.

     * Part 1 & 2 are compulsory


Ramakrishna Mission Higher Secondary School (South)

     Started in 1936, the School has classes from the 6th standard to 12th standard in Tamil, and English Mediums having Tamil as the 2nd Language. In the Higher Secondary sections it offers Arts, Science and Vocational courses. Computer Science is also taught with a well-equipped Lab. The School has got NCC, NSS and Scout troops. A number of Merit Scholarships and prizes are given to the students. There are 1151 students on roll. 62 Government-Aided staff and 13 management staff are working. The library attached to the school has 5004 books and gets 3 newspapers.
Every year students of the South School participate in various cultural and sports programmes.

      Courses of Study offered in the school

      Part 1: Tamil
      Part 2: English
      Part 3: Group I:Englsih Medium
                               Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology/Computer Science,

                              Tamil Medium
                               Mathematics, Physics, Chemistry, Biology.

       * Part 1 & 2 are compulsory

Ramakrishna Mission Tamil Medium Nursery and Primary School

  Started on 14th June 1989, the School conducts classes from LKG to 5th standard. The medium of instruction is Tamil. The strength of the School is about 382 and 12 teachers and 4 non-teaching staffs are working.Computer is also taught with the help of a well-equipped Computer Lab. Noonday meals are provided to all the students of the Tamil Medium School on all the working days as they belong to the under-privileged group.
An Appeal

    Dear Sir,


    We are sure that you are well-informed of the reputation enjoyed by the Ramakrishna Mission centers around the world in the field of community service such as Education, Medical, Relief to the poor patients by running hospitals and dispensaries, Distress-Relief provided at the time of natural calamities and much more.

    Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama, T. Nagar, Chennai is a branch of the Ramakrishna Mission started by Swami Vivekananda in 1897. This centre began its activity with the starting of a School in the year 1932 and since then has been growing according to the needs of the community and the socio-economic changes that are taking place around us. This centre through its educational service to the society has produced many students who have walked out of the portals of the School and have become great leaders of the country.To name a few : Dr. S. Badrinath, Chairman (Emeritus) of Sankara Netralaya, Sri Ramanathan Krishnan, the Tennis legend, the Chief of Indian Army Gen. Sundarjee, Sri Y.V. Reddy,former Governor of RBI, and Dr. Nalli Kuppuswami Chetty, etc.

    Presently we are running two Higher Secondary Schools, a Matriculation Higher Secondary School and a Tamil Medium Nursery and Primary School and targeting to provide education to the lower middle and poorer classof the society. The schools all together have got a strength of about 3500.The Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama provides a total amount of about Rs.15 Lakhs every year as Scholar-ships and Prizes to the deserving students.

    There are many Schools around T.Nagar to provide good education to the upper class people. To provide an all round education based on the human values contained in our great heritage of our Country to the students of the poorest section of the society we started the Ramakrishna Mission Tamil Medium Nursery and Primary School. The endeavor of the school is to inculcate good character and patriotism enJtJt}1lterted citizens of our great nation. We provide free noon meals to 250 students of this School. Since the students of the schools are from nearby slums and the parents are socially underprivileged people like daily wagers, hawkers etc., it has been decided to waive off the nominal fees that is being collected now and make it a free school from the academic year 2011-2012. The estimated annual deficit of this school alone will become about 20,00,000/ - every year. In order to overcome this deficit every year it is decided to create a general corpus of Rs. 5 Crores viz. Ramakrishna Mission Tamil Medium School Vidyadana Endowment Scheme. Apart from this we are also providing free uniform for number of students.

    We request you to contribute liberally for this noble cause and help the Ashrama to continue our noble service to the humanity. You may send your valuable contribution by Cheque/DO in favour of "RAMAKRISHNA MISSION ASHRAMA"

    It is needless to mention that the donations are exempt from Income Tax under section BOG of the Income Tax Act.


  The following certificates should accompany the application form.(Original should not be sent)
  • Attested Copy of the Mark Certificate.
  • Attested copy of the Community Certificate.
  • Copy of the Transfer Certificate.

   When the candidates are provisionally selected, they should be present along with their parents or guardians (with proper authorisation letter) and produce the following original certificates.
  • Transfer Certificate with a Xerox copy.
  • Mark or grade sheet with a Xerox copy.
  • Certificate of merit in extra curricular activities, if any.

      SCHOOL UNIFORM: As prescribed by the respective School Headmasters.

     IMPORTANT NOTICE: The pupils of Ramakrishna Mission Higher Secondary School Main and South will be considered for admission only in the respective school where they studied class X.


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