The Need
      It has now become clear that English is the lingua franca of the global economy and that, in order to be universally understood and accepted in any educational, commercial or social situation, a knowledge of English is necessary. Apart from this, languages are the media through which national and international integration can be achieved. The cultures of other countries find a meeting point in English. It is , therefore, necessary to have a knowledge of both Spoken as well as Written English in order to make a contribution to every aspect of life.
      It is to meet these needs that the Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama has decided to hold this course. Swami Vivekananda’s great dream was to put India on the map of the world through the youth of this country and his own English was his greatest tool and weapon in the establishment of his ideals for and vision of India both in the West and in his own country. To carry this dream forward into the 21st Century is the aim of this Course.
      Every candidate who joins the course has to view this course from this standpoint of fulfilling his or her place in society.

Admission Procedure

      It is necessary for the candidate to come personally for admission. Candidates will be permitted to choose the timings of the course. However it is important to note that once he / she is enrolled changes will not be permitted either in the days or timings. Please note that the admission will be only for BASIC and INTERMEDIATE Course. Those who have passed these courses will be permitted to join the ADVANCED level.

Evaluation Test

      A test to evaluate the standard of the candidate will be held on the Induction Ceremony day. This is in order to put the candidates into a section of the right level. It is not an entrance test.
Tuition Fee
Tuition Fees
Text Books
Basic Level (2 Divisions)
1000 Rs.
300 Rs.
100 Rs.
1400 Rs.
Intermediate Level
1000 Rs.
300 Rs.
100 Rs.
1400 Rs.
      The above fees are subject to change with increase in the cost of textbooks. The tuition fee is not refundable once the classes commence. However the deposit will be refunded to the candidates who will have 90% attendance at the end of the session.

Venue / Schedule:

      The venue for the spoken English classes will be at Ramakrishna Mission Matriculation School, 71, Bazullah Road, T.Nagar, Chennai 17 and Ramakrishna Mission Ashrama, 3 M S Salai, T. Nagar Chennai 17 on weekends. The course schedule will be as follows:

      Batch I : Mon – Wed – Thur – Fri.
      Batch II : Weekend (Saturday & Sunday):-

Batches & Timings of the classes:

     Evening: 6.20 pm - 8.00 pm (36 Classes)
     Morning: 7.20 am - 9.00 am (36 Classes)

     Weekend (Saturday & Sunday):-

     Morning: 7.20 am - 9.30 am (24 Classes)

      Absolute punctuality will be insisted for the classes. The students should be present 15 Minutes before the scheduled time. The students can select any one of the above class timings. 


      90 percent attendance is compulsory, as each class will build up on the previous one. Missing link classes can result in failure to understand the next one. Missing more than two classes may result in being sent to the next batch.

Grades and Certificates

      Certificates will be awarded to the Candidate on the Successful completion of the Course. Candidates must get a minimum C grade in order to proceed to the next level.


      The Convocation for each session will be held immediately on the completion of each course. The date of the ceremony will be intimated to the candidates.



      Introduction - Basic greetings - possessive pronouns - The world Around Me - questions - spelling skills - that, this, those - these - a, an - everyday objects - singular - plural - my friends and I - A day in the life of.... - Talking about work - The Ideal Office / Job - The interview - Shopping for festival - Now--Then - A discussion - Telling a Story - Eating with the family - Quantities - Responsibilities and Duties - Describing people and their actions - planning the future - experiences - getting information - written communication.

Inter Course

      Introduction – Revision of Pronouns + Prepositions + Tenses+Types of Sentences+Question Tags – Describing Journey – Requesting : Raise / Favors / Accommodation / Asserting ones abilities / Learning about people / Talking about ones ambitions / Duties at work / Learning about other cultures – Discursion methodologies – Interview skills.

Advanced Level

      Conversation paractice, sentence structure, synthesis and analysis of sentences, idioms, art of public speaking, debates, creative writing, essay writing, group discussions and much more. At the end of the course the candidate will feel confident of using English.


General Rules and Regulations
      The success of the Spoken English course is due to:

      Sincere dedication and selfless service of the monks, the teachers and the staff of the institution,

      Serene and sanctifying atmosphere of the School. 

      Self-discipline, sincerity, punctuality, regularity and cooperation of the students.

  • Minimum qualification for admission is a pass in +2 or equivalent Diploma.

  • Students can join only one Level at a time (Basic or Intermediate).

  • Students may choose any suitable batch and level for admission (either MWF or Weekend).For details read the Prospectus fully.

  • All the columns in the application form should be filled by the candidate with correct details.

  • Fees must be paid by cash only while submitting the application form along with 2 recent passport size photos.

  • Candidate should submit the form personally and not through others.

  • Batch once chosen will not be changed.

  • Apply only if you can attend the classes regularly and punctually at the given time.

  • Classes will start with 15 minutes ‘Prayer and Meditation’. This is compulsory for all students.
  • Educational qualification for admission: Minimum SSLC or equivalent examination pass.
  • Punctuality is essential. Late coming will be penalized.
  • Good manners and behavior are expected at all times.
  • The use of cell phones, recorders, cameras, radios is strictly prohibited within the campus .
  • The Ashrama reserves the rights of admission to any candidate transgressing its codes of behavior.

Swami Vivekananda – On Language

      Language is the vehicle of ideas. It is the ideas that are of prime importance, language comes after.

      Human language is the attempt to express the truth that is within.

      Language is the chief means and index of a nation’s progress.

      What we need, you know, is to study, independent of foreign control, different branches of the knowledge that is our own, and with it the English language and Western science; we need technical education and all else that may develop industries so that men, instead of seeking for service, may earn enough to provide for themselves, and save something against a rainy day.

      My success is due to my popular style – the greatness of a teacher consists in the simplicity of his language.

      Simplicity is the secret. My ideal of language is my Master’s language, most colloquial and yet most expressive. It must express the thought which is intended to be conveyed.


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